I’m a Christian, and I do NOT Defend Josh Duggar

Sure, God can forgive Josh Duggar.  But Josh did permanent damage to those girls.  It will stay with them and likely negatively affect them in some way until the day they die.

If his show gets shut down, oh well!  A secret child molester should not be representing the Christian community.

Yes, Jesus forgives him.  However, Jesus does not take away all consequences.  Why are we trying to protect him from the consequences by trying to defend him?

The real issue is: Christians believe that if Josh suffers at all publicly for his sins, it is automatically a personal attack on every individual Christian.  Well, guess what, unless you have molested children, it’s not.  How can you expect people to not get upset about this topic, when tons and tons of them have suffered molestation themselves?

If Josh was really sorry and had really experienced God’s redemption, he should have included this in his testimony FROM THE START.  Instead, he hid the sin and tried to portray himself as a super holy guy.

He could have given hope to the worst of sinners by being transparent, but instead he chose to protect his self image and hide his victory over sin.

Those who defend him by saying he was just a “curious kid” are just as disgusting as child molesters themselves.  Maybe I was curious about death when I was 14.  It is acceptable for me to kill my sister then, right?  And it’s ok for my parents to hide it from authorities, because they wouldn’t want a 14 year old like me to suffer consequences for my actions.  Let’s just put the girls in counseling, and send the boy to a workcamp for a little while, and pretend like it never happened.  Because that will fix everything.

Sadly, child molestation happens far more often than we know.  And so, so many abusers get away with it.

Why aren’t Christians writing articles about the effects of Josh’s actions on his sisters?  Why are the sisters being ignored??  Why are all of the Christian articles about how “Josh did wrong, but he’s really only getting backlash because he is a Christian.”  No, he is suffering because he is a child molester.  It’s that simple.

There really needs to be more research done on this topic!  Why aren’t we learning what causes adults and teens to molest kids?  If we cared enough to figure it out, schools could identify those at risk of doing such a thing, and work with those kids to prevent this. But no, everyone just hides it like the Duggards.

I’m glad that Josh is suffering some consequences for his sin; because otherwise his sisters would be the only ones who suffer for his horrible choices.

I personally wish that all child molesters would be castrated and die slow, painful deaths.  If I was president, that would be the law.  I think some public humiliation is a pretty minor consequence of the horrible choices he made.


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