The Lamest School to Party in Ohio

Total Frat Move recently published a map of the lamest party schools in each state. [Map Of The Lamest Party Schools In The Nation Will Make You Glad You Don’t Go There]

Cedarville University won the prize for Ohio.  Liberty University took Virginia.

Inspired by John Wesley Reid’s blog about Liberty, Why Liberty Being the Lamest Party School Is A Reason To PartyI decided to write my own response for my alum, Cedarville University.

What’s really valuable at the end of four years of college?  You may have had a blast drinking and partying (if you can remember most of it), but then it’s gone.  Is there more to college than that?  There is at Cedarville University.


Did your professors invite you to their homes for homemade dinners?  Did you feel comfortable enough to go to them for advice about your personal life?  Were they incredible examples of character, love for others, and faith to you during those four years?  Did they inspire you by the way they loved their families and God?  Did they actually care about your personal life and offer constructive criticism because they truly cared about each person in their classroom?  I am so thankful for the amazing role models that I had the privilege to get close to and learn from.

Random scholarships if you’re struggling

I walked into the financial aid office in the fall of my sophomore year, knowing that I would never be able come back to CU.  The adviser said that he would put me on a list, but that there was nothing else they could do. A few weeks later, $2,500 showed up in my student account from a random alumnus. Three years and many more scholarships later, I was walking across the stage as a graduate.

Break rules without actually committing a crime

Climbing through a window into a boy’s dorm, sneaking out after curfew, trying to sleep in an academic building, painting the school rock with something controversial, sneaking into the gym and running around in a bra and underwear after it’s closed.. so many rules to break without actually committing a crime or hurting someone.  Any Christian with a creative mind and a knack for getting in trouble will have a great time with CU’s rules.


Leave your wallet to save your seat.  Yes, you can leave your phone, money, and laptop on the table in the cafeteria or library, and it will still be there when you come back.  Yes, a girl can walk around campus by herself at night and feel perfectly safe.  Missing that now that I’m living in DC..

Genuine pursuit of faith

I’ll be honest, I was expecting my CU Bible classes to be just like the church services I’ve been attending every Sunday morning of my life.  Instead, CU Bible profs raised questions about God that I had never thought about, and then they stepped back and let me wrestle with them. Profs did not tell me what to believe, or even what they personally believed at times.  Examples: God and time, what existed before the creation of the world, was Esther really following God, etc.

Campus Christmas- Open Dorms

This is probably the coolest event CU puts on.  Each hall decorates their rooms, hall, and themselves to act out a theme or small story as other people walk through.  And I mean, people go ALL out.  Some of the best have been the Matrix, Indiana Jones, CSI, the rapture, the movie UP, Narnia, New York City, a time machine, Keeblers factory, the Wild West, a men’s spa, the Olympics, a rollercoaster simulation built by engineers, and hundreds more.  


Study abroad trip to Israel for a month with 7 CU students & a professor.  4 college credits + board + hotels + food + airplane ticket = less than $5,000.  This trip was what lead me to all of my other involvement in Israel advocacy and my first job.  Thank you, CU!

So nope, the students of Cedarville University did not party much. But there are some things the best parties schools just can’t offer.


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